Friday, May 13, 2011

Organic KeraGeen Hair smoothing System!

KeraGreen Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Formaldehyde

Butterfly Esthetics is the exclusive service provider for this 100% Formaldehyde Free Organic Hair Smoothing System!

"At Butterfly Esthetics we truly believe that what we are delivering to you are the most unique and purest product ingredients available anywhere in the world."

Since May of 2010, Organic Salon Systems has been searching for the ideal keratin smoothing treatment that offered superior performance without the toxic chemicals typically contained in such products. From the beginning, the process was keenly focused to identify the product best meeting OSS’ four primary selection criteria which are (1) having superior performance without the harmful chemicals; (2) being a completely non-diverted, professional-only product line; (3) containing certified organic ingredients that will provide a benefits to the health of the hair and scalp without interfering with the primary cosmetic purpose of the product; and (4) was made by a company which shares our value and respect for the environment and consistently strives to minimize their overall environmental footprint

Because of our general concern for formaldehyde, as well as all aldehydes and aldehyde derivatives including those ingredients that decompose into formaldehyde when heated (commonly known as “formaldehyde releasers”), manufacturers had to provide certification that their products did not contain any such agreements before being accepted for consideration.

In June of 2010, Organic Salon Systems had identified several keratin smoothing treatments and began performing extensive due diligence research and tests on each of them, including keragreen manufactured by Lord Beauty Designs. After substantial research, review, and discussions; Organic Salon Systems made the determination that KeraGreen best fit the company’s selection criteria and provided the safest, most natural and organic product while being formaldehyde free and produced in an environmentally conscientious manner. Although KeraGreen was a relatively new product to the market, OSS felt that Lord Beauty Design’s founder and President Diana Tirado was uniquely qualified to continually innovate the product as she was a career hairdresser who herself had experienced ailments related to her in-salon use of products containing formaldehyde which had left her hospitalized on several occasions. In September 2010, Organic Salon Systems entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for KeraGreen with Lord Beauty Design as detailed in this press release. During the due diligence process, Organic Salon Systems received ingredients lists, Manufacturing Safety Data Sheets, formula disclosures, and other such product and ingredients related documentation on which to rely on throughout the distribution period.

In October 2010, just weeks after entering into this agreement, Organic Salon Systems became aware of a report issued by Oregon OSHA citing 16 different brands of keratin smoothing treatments that were tested by them to contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde releasers, including KeraGreen. Organic Salon Systems immediately contacted Lord Beauty Designs for an explanation and demanded further documentation certifying the ingredients of KeraGreen’s smoothing treatment and absence of formaldehyde in the product. Lord Beauty Designs’ described that their chemists were skeptical about Oregon OSHA’s testing methodology, but remained committed to providing a comprehensive response. Lord Beauty Designs remained dedicated to standing behind their product.

Four national laboratories were engaged to perform comprehensive tests on KeraGreen, all of which resulted in trace levels of formaldehyde much lower than what Oregon OSHA had concluded. The certified results of these lab tests, and details about the process, are included here. A closer review of Oregon OSHA’s test revealed that (1) only two samples of KeraGreen were tested, while many (19 – 37 in some cases) samples were tested of the other products and the results were averaged; (2) the sample was likely performed on a bottle of KeraGreen that pre-dated Organic Salon Systems involvement with the product and at a time when Lord Beauty Designs may have been changing their formula; (3) Lord Beauty Design’s chemist theorized that certain organic raw materials in the formula may release formaldehyde when heated over 450 degrees fahrenheit; and (4) a more thorough and accurate methodology for testing the formula may have been available. Lord Beauty Designs has notified Organic Salon Systems that it has had discussions and worked directly with OSHA and has since made slight revisions to their formula to address these concerns and remains committed to continuing their efforts to providing the best performing and safest, most natural and organic Keratin Smoothing Treatment possible. Since then, KeraGreen has been provided to other governments and organization for testing and neither Lord Beauty Designs or Organic Salon Systems has any indication that KeraGreen has not been in compliance with any local, state, or national guidelines.

The Environmental Working Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment. Organic Salon Systems supports and applauds the important work the EWP does, especially the environmental awareness the group has raised since their founding in 1996 by Ken Cook and Richard Wiles. On April 8, 2001; the Environmental Working Group issued an important press release entitled “National Academy of Sciences: Formaldehyde Causes Cancer” which Organic Salon Systems celebrated and applauded as it provided additional validation and support for our posture against the use of formaldehyde in salon products.

On April 2, 2011 the Environmental Working Group issued a report on Keratin Hair Straighteners that contained formaldehyde. In the report, the group cited the October 2010 report issued by Oregon OSHA which Organic Salon Systems believes, at least, outdated information, and at most, erroneous information. Organic Salon Systems has asked Lord Beauty Designs to send a letter, along with the independent lab results performed on KeraGreen and a sample bottle of KeraGreen to perform with which can be used to perform their own tests, to the Environmental Working Group. In this letter, Lord Beauty Designs and Organic Salon Systems will ask the Environmental Working Group to reconsider including KeraGreen in this report as well as offer any cooperation they may require in their efforts to complete their important investigation into this critical industry matter.

As with all keratin smoothing treatments, please exercise caution and good sense when performing a chemical keratin smoothing treatment and only perform the treatments in a well ventilated space while wearing gloves.

Thank you for reading and educating yourselves!

Peggy, Holly, Jet, Nadia and Seanna